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the beginning of the end for an era. the final launch of the space shuttle. good afternoon. i'm tory campbell. the space shuttle atlantis blasted off from the kennedy space center this morning just a few minutes behind schedule. this is the final launch of the shuttle program that began 30 years ago. four astronauts are riding
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atlantis to orbit. alan chernoff joins us with more. >> it was like looking into the sun. the sound as the shuttle rose was like a thunderous wind ripping through the sky. what a sight. what an experience. >> 2, 1, 0. and liftoff. >> reporter: the beginning of a mission marks the end of an era. >> america will continue the dream >> reporter: thrils launched as scheduled friday morning after some uncertainty. >> sentimental journey into history joo. yoo there was a wild card throughout. the weather. the four-member crew suited up this morning in anticipation of the scheduled liftoff and to the delight of crowds that gathered anywhere they could to get a glimpse of the historic launch, the four-person crew is now headed to the international space station to deliver supplies. this 135th shuttle miss will be
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mission specialist's rex waldheim's 13th mission in space. >> i thought, am i going to get to the right before it closes or am i going to the very end? >> reporter: only one someone who has done it before can describe it like canadian astronaut chris hatfield who flew on atlantis previously. >> finally, the sky goes from light blue to dark blue to black and the engine shuts off and you are weightless. that's a great ride. >> reporter: just before beginning that ride, commander chris ferguson told mission control, we are completing a chapter in a journey that never end. the space shuttle is finishing but nasa's exploration of space is continuing. reporting live from the kennedy space center, i'm alan chernoff. >> reporter: big crowds gathered in oakland to watch that final shuttle launch. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. liftoff.
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>> it was a full house at the space and science center. thousands of people filled the theater for a bittersweet watch. >> this is the last shuttle launch of and since america doesn't have a replacement vehicle, how long will it be before we get back into space? >> the end of the space program ace tough sell for some people. some people are not quite sure how it can be over. we are learning more information on at that time jake plane crash in watsonville. it turns out there were four people on board, two adults and two children when it slammed into the side of a medical building. allie rasmus joins us now from the crash site. >> reporter: i want to share with you that we have just
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learned the names of the victims of that crash. a family member sent us a photo of them. they are david and dede haughton of santa cruz. they were killed in this crash. so were their sons, ryan and luke. they were on board of this plane that we're going to show you right here. this is where federal investigators are right now. they plan to be here for most of the afternoon to try to figure out how this crash happened. >> we're going to gather the factual information, clean up the site. >> nasaworkers from national transportation safety board are at the site. witnesses saw the plane nose dave towards the ground, shortly after it took off. it skidded across the pavement before it slammed into the side of a medical building. >> i turned and all i saw was the airplane hit. and the explosion was taller than the an again ya. >> santa cruz chef river deputies said two people
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onboard died. but overnight, more victims were discovered. there were four persons on board. that's all i can tell you. two adults, two children. >> reporter: a mother, father and two children were killed in the crash. an aunt told us that the family bought this plane about a year ago and were going on a camping trip before the plane went down. >> they were going camping. they traveled extensively, worldwide travelers. it's devastating. >> reporter: no one was inside this office building when the plane crashed into it because they were closed for the day. the watsonville community hospital on the other side of this building that you are looking at is open. it was open yesterday and open today and operating as usual. >> thank you, allie. you can hear more from people who witnessed the watsonville plane crash. another bay area survivor of that fishing boat disaster
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in mexico arrived home this morning. lee ikegami got off a greyhound bus in gilroy around 10:30 this morning. he was one of 35 passengers and crew members who were rescued after a storm capsized their boat in the sea of cortez. he lives in san martin and says he is unbelievably happy to be home after a mishap with the truck that he and fishing buddy michael eng were trying to drive home. the truck belonged to leslie ye, the one confirmed fatality. >> unbelievably. unbelievably. not only did we, you know, have this adventure but then halfway home, the truck broke down that we were driving. and so we had to drop the truck off and leave it for some other family member to pick up. so it's like never ending. >> the u.s. coast guard and
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mexican navy are continuing to search for seven men still missing. other survivors are making their way home. a group of four men from novato came home last night. another man has returned to san ramon investigators are busy investigating a shooting. in all ten people were injured. the first shooting happened just after 8:30 on e street near 88th avenue in east oakland. investigators say that someone opened fire and hit three people. the victims are now said to be at the hospital in stable condition. police say another triple shooting happened about an hour later. this time at 98th avenue and bancroft. investigators say that it appears that the three victims were shot either inside or outside a car. all three victims were taken to highland hospital. their conditions are not known. officers responded to 71st avenue and international for a third shooting a few minutes
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later. someone shot a man inside a liquor store. he was taken to highland hospital and police responded on 3rd and foothill after three people were shot there. it's not clear if all this violence is related. it is a special day for 15 people in san francisco. they are part of the first class sifty's community police is your vast aid. kraig debro explains to us what this is about. >> reporter: there is a bunch of graduations going on here. at a time where police budgets are being cut and officers are being laid out all over the area, this new classification of police might help cover some very important law enforcement
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duties. cpsa, these men and women have just completed 111 weeks of police academy training but will not be sworn in officers. instead, the 15 grads in the pilot program will have nonhazardous, lower priority calls. instead of an officer having to take a police report on a burglary, the cpsa will take the report which police say will free up an officer for a higher priority call. >> it's an opportunity for the police department to it get responders at the scene to some of our cold reports which we have not been able to respond to as quickly as we could. >> it helps to be out there in the forefront to help our fellow citizens. i was born and bred in san francisco. that's what i'm all about. >> the graduates will have to complete another eight weeks of field training before getting out on the streets, four weeks of training with an officer or
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four weeks with csi. san francisco police, just so you know, have not had any layoffs on the force. this program will save them money so instead of officers having to stay and do overtime, some of the work that they would normally have done is already done for them. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. a at that john kerry incidents in texas has stunned baseball fans and players around the nation. looks like the bay area is in for a major change in the weather. rosemary has the breakdown for your neighborhood. we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do to give people the security and opportunity that they deserve. >> the president and wall street react to another disappointing jobless report out today.
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. the construction of the new kaiser personality day in san leandro hit a big milestone. officials held a topping off ceremony to place the final steel beam at the top of the new hospital. it's on merced street on the west side of highway 880. >> it's a great location, great location for the community. a great location for kaiser permanente. we just think it's going to serve our members and community
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beautifully. >> people attending the ceremony had an opportunity to write their names and best wishes on the beam before it was put in place. the six-story state-of-the-art hospital will have 264 acute care beds in private rooms, ten top rating rooms, 40 emergency treatment rooms and an intensive care nursery for newborns. it should open october 2014. president obama says that once congress reaches an agreement on the debt ceiling, businesses will have the confidence to begin hiring again. he spoke if the rose garden in response to a dismall unemployment record. this morning, the labor department said that the economy only generated 18,000 new jobs, instead of the anticipated 125,000 and that unemployment is now up to 9.2%. the president says that the economic recovery still has a long way to go. >> we've added more than 2 million new private sector jobs over the past 16 months.
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but the recession cost us more than 8 million. and that means that we still have a big hole to fill. >> reporter: the economy needs at least 150,000 new jobs a month just to keep pace with population growth. president obama will meet with democrats and republicans on sunday after a weekend of negotiations on deficit reduction and the debt limit. taking ally look at the big board, stocks, as expected, are down on this dismall job reports and reports that layoffs have begun to resumed on wall street with the financial industry shedding jobs. the dow is now down 94. the nasdaq looking to end an 82- day winning streak down 23 and s&p is down 12. we are learning more about a man who died after falling out of the stands during last night's texas-rangers, oakland a's game in texas.
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the man has been identified as shannon stone, a firefighter. stone was at the game with his son when he fell when trying to catch a ball tossed into the stands by outcenter fielder josh hamilton. hamilton and other staff were distraught over what happened. stone was conscious after the fall but he went into full cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. >> just as he caught the ball, he lost his balance. it looked awful. you knew there was no way he was going to land on his feet. >> yesterday's tragedy came a year after another man survived a 30-foot fall during a rangers' game. and a man was hit and killed on churchill after 8:30 last night. caltrain says that person was trespassing. latest incident cops as the agency looks at installing cameras on its trains. the decision was put on hold
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yesterday as caltrain figures out whether the video recordings, including fatalities, would be a matter of public record the trucking company involved in last month's fatal amtrak crash in the nevada desert is now defending its safety record. a big rig driver for the john davis trucking company slammed into an amtrak train killing six people. the company says that it's determined to find out why the driver ignored it flashing lights and crossing gates and smashed into the moving train. the trucking company also says that it was not at fault at two previous accidents that are cited in the state safety records. some vallejo business owners say that they are seeing an improvement on one of the city's corners known for its prostitution activity. tennessee street and sonoma boulevard have turned into a, quote, ghost town thanks to surveillance cameras installed by police. but they say it's too soon to tell what impact they had on
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crime but they are discussing a possible expansion of the camera system. atherton police chief is retiring. he took over as police chief in november 2009. guerra will stay stay with the department for en extended period of time to work on some projects and provide support to the incoming interim police chief. good afternoon. we have blue skies. most of us dealing with blue skies. just a little bit of cloud for hugging the coast line. you can see it right, there perhaps a little bit of haze over areas of san francisco, maybe through the golden gate. winds are generally light. peninsula could be gusty at type as we continue to see our sea breeze strange then throughout the weekend. 68 degrees in san francisco through oakland. wythe spread eighties as we
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move inland. 86 livermore. we are checking in the 70s. santa rosa as well as napa, another warm one across the bay area along the coast line. we'll be cool, very similar and very typical this time of the year. the fog forecast still hugging the coast most of today into tonight. it will be back and we are expected to actually become a little bit farther inland as we move through the weekend and a definite cooldown on the way by about 11:00 or so. it begins to pull back but lingers just a little bit longer. giving you a look at the satellite and radar. we have and so many flow meaning the onshore flow. we have the sea breeze we are not seeing a big push. we will in the coming days. we have a trough that will drop from the north. as it deepens, the sea breeze will strengthen. the temperatures are going to cool all the way inland. today, partly cloudy skies, 60 nearing 70s along the coast line. widespread 70s.
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warmest spot again will be the valley location. eighties and low nineties will be typical. take a look at your neighborhood here. 86 expected for sonoma this afternoon as well as napa. looking at 82 for pet huge ya. 83 in santa rosa. widespread 80s, low 90s out there. warm today. concord looking at 93 and widespread at 90 for our inland east bay. 92 for danville. sitting in the 70s very comfortable. santa clara valley going to be warm but not too bad. 83 in san jose this afternoon. for the pe fins lark we are looking at 70s and low 60s for the coast. 62 daly city. it is the weekend and we want to know what's going to go on by tomorrow. lows dropping. folks are saying, thank goodness, we can use the drop
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in temperatures there. >> yes. the martinez police department held its first blood drive in memory of a sergeant who died from non-hodgkins lymphoma. they hope to make it an annual event. carter was diagnosed two years ago and died a little over two weeks ago. the blood drive is scheduled to continue until 5:00 p.m. toi. you will find a link on our webpage, where you can schedule an appointment to donate. just click on web link. an airport screener has been fired accused of stealing from passengers. investigators say the scheme went on for months at the fort lauderdale hollywood airport. nelson santiago is accused of stealing computers and other items. and a washington state
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woman was singled out for a search because of her hair. she was wearing her hair up. she said that they threatened to call the police if they did not let them examine her hair. i think that's racism. there was another woman with her hair up curly hair and they let her go. the royal newlyweds heading to california today. we'll tell you when and where.
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another live look at the big board on wall street. the dow continuing to drop. not surprising had you consider that the jobs numbers was bad. the state's public utility commission is adding nine people toys pipe line safety inspection team. the new hires bring the staff to sl, doubling the number of inspectors the state had before the san bruno pipeline explosion. the cpuc is carrying out
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reforms suggested and a panel a federal appeals court ruled that the nfl owners have the legal right to lock out the players. that came as representatives for the two sides returned to negotiations at a hotel in new york city. the three-judge panel from the fifth circuit court of appeals said that lower court's injunction stopping a lockout violated federal law. the players and owners hope to reach a labor agreement in time to save the 2011 season. britain royal newlyweds are set to arrive in los angeles after a nine-day visit to canada after a final event. they pushed a but the top to set the fireworks at the calgary stampede. and they took part in the official farewell party. the duke and duchess of cambridge will attend a dinner to promote trade in england.
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more on the royal visit coming on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. and we have team coverage of the emotional homecoming of the bay area fishermen as they returned from their ill-fated trip. that and more coming up in the next newscast, ktvu at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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